Monthly Archive: January 2014

Named Pipes with Java

In this post, we will discuss using Named Pipes with Java. Let’s start with a brief overview of Pipes and Named Pipes. Overview: On Unix, a pipe is a channel of communication between two processes, also known as ‘interprocess communication’ (IPC). Pipes are unidirectional, meaning that data travels in one direction at one time. Pipes have a read end and a write end. Data written to the write end of...

Merge Sort: Implementation and Analysis

Merge Sort Merge sort is a divide and conquer algorithm that sorts objects in O(n log n) time. Merge sort begins by dividing the input list into two sublists, and then continues to divide each subsequent sublist until we are left with a bunch of sublists that each contain one element. Each one element list is considered sorted. Next, Merge sort conquers each sorted sublist by repeatedly merging adjacent sorted...


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