Monthly Archive: February 2015

Apache Spark: Convert CSV to RDD

Below is a simple Spark / Scala example describing how to convert a CSV file to an RDD and perform some simple filtering. This example transforms each line in the CSV to a Map with form header-name -> data-value. Each map key corresponds to a header name, and each data value corresponds the value of that key the specific line. This particular example also assumes that the header information is...

How to use the Play WS library in a standalone Scala app

The Play WS library makes it possible to execute HTTP requests and process the response asynchronously. It provides an awesome API that is incredibly easy to use. (I’ve provided a few simple WS examples toward the end of this post.) Prior to the release of Play 2.4 (the current 2.4 release is the M2 milestone release), it was possible to utilize the WS API in a standalone Play app, however...


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