My name is Carmine M. DiMascio. I’m a software engineer at a large tech company where I’m constantly working on fun and challenging problems.
Software/technology is my passion. I’ve been working with computers, for what I considerMe a long time. It began in the mid nineties, during my high school days, piecing together various computer components and building working PCs. Shortly after, I became incredibly interested in software programming and the web. Had I found my calling? Not yet! I began my undergrad career undeclared. Still, I couldn’t get computers off my mind, As a sophomore, I declared Computer Science and haven’t looked back since. I earned a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Western Civilization.
Quite the renaissance man!?!? ūüėÄ After graduation, I landed a job at a small tech firm. It was quite a lot of fun! I wanted more! More surrounding experts, more experience, more learning. I went back to school and in 2006, I earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Boston University. I still can’t get this stuff off my mind.

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