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Applying the Builder Pattern

The Builder Pattern is a design pattern used to separate the construction of a complex object from its representation, so that the same construction process can be used to create different representations. [1] Usage The Builder pattern is useful for constructing complex objects. It enables one to build a complex object without exposing the details of the object’s parts or how the object’s parts are assembled. Also, as noted previously,...

Stubs and Skeletons

What are stubs and skeletons? At times, it is easy to confuse what is intended when a software engineer refers to stubs and skeletons. If you have been confused in the past, you are not alone. The meaning of these terms differ depending on the context. Stubs and skeletons are primarily used in two contexts, 1. a software pattern and  2. distributed computing Let’s start with the software pattern. 1. As a Software Pattern: Stubs...


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