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Create a baseball-themed app powered by Weather Company Data for IBM Bluemix and DBpedia

Last summer, I wrote an article on developerWorks describing how to use the IBM Bluemix Weather Data service in combination with DbPedia to render a variety of information about Major League Baseball parks. The article takes you through the process of building a baseball-theme application on IBM Bluemix using the IBM Weather Data service, DbPedia, SPARQL, React.js, and Node.js. Check it out here and let me know your thoughts You...

Create a natural language question answering system with IBM Watson on Bluemix

See my latest blog post on developerWorks. The topic is how to ‘Create a natural language question answering system with IBM Watson on Bluemix’. I co-wrote the article with Swami Chandrasekaran. It is incredibly cool stuff. I hope you enjoy!   Here is a brief intro to wet your appetite: Cognition is in virtually everything that humans do, such as language understanding, perception, judgment, motor skills, learning, spatial processing and...

Java Core Dump/Thread Analysis (IBM JVM)

1. Java Core analysis is an incredibly useful tool to have in your toolbox. A customer running your Java application may encounter poor performance. Reproducing a performance issue, at times, can be very difficult due to the vast number of circumstances and environmental factors at play. Java core dump and thread analysis will prove useful when identifying bottlenecks, deadlocks, and resource contention. 1.1. Where do we start? We start with...


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