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Loading Balancing a JEE application using Tomcat and mod_cluster

Performance, scalability, and reliability are key factors to many production applications. Designing and implementing a highly performant, scalable, and reliable application is not an easy task. Furthermore, a single piece of computing hardware may not suffice in terms of the resources necessary to run and scale your application. As your user base grows, and continues to grow, your application will likely require more and more resources. In these cases, it...

Google OAuth2 and JAX-RS

These days users have so many accounts… Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Managing all of these accounts can quickly become a chore. As an application developer, you have the choice of allowing your users to reuse an existing account e.g. Google or creating a new account dedicated to your application. Reusing an existing account clearly has benefits. The user has one less account to maintain. He has one less username/password...

Interfaces and JAX-B

I’ve been working with JAX-B and JAX-RS to create a RESTful service. This service interacts with another RESTful service. In terms of design, the two services share an interface, however the implementation of this interface is very different between the two services. As an experienced Java developer, naturally, I create a common API. In this case, it is essentially a set of interfaces that ship with both services. My plan...


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