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Java Logging using the Java Logging APIs

In this post, we will provide an overview of the Java Logging APIs along with some simple usage examples. On tap: 1. Java Logging APIs Overview     1.1. Log Levels     1.2. Loggers     1.3. Handlers     1.4. Formatters     1.5. Filters 2. The Configuration File     2.1. Default Configuration 1 Java Logging APIs Overview The Java Development Kit (JDK) provides a simple logging...

Java Stored Procedures with Derby

Stored procedures provide a very powerful capability. They enable the execution of many SQL statements within the context of conditional programming logic, via a single database call. Stored procedures execute in the database, thus making them an excellent place for computationally intense db operations. Stored procedures do come at cost. Some database vendors offer extensions to SQL e.g. PL/SQL, T-SQL, PL/pgSQL . These extensions may be proprietary or may comform...


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