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JavaScript: Observer Pattern / Publish-Subscribe

In this post, I will describe how to create a reusable implementation of the Observer pattern (also known as Publish-Subscribe or Dependents (1)). This implementation can be applied to any JavaScript object to instantly make it observable! The implementation can also be used to create a global topic registry. First, what is the Observer Pattern? The Observer Pattern, as described by the ‘Gang of Four’, defines a one to many dependency...

Create a natural language question answering system with IBM Watson on Bluemix

See my latest blog post on developerWorks. The topic is how to ‘Create a natural language question answering system with IBM Watson on Bluemix’.  I co-wrote the article with Swami Chandrasekaran. It is incredibly cool stuff. I hope you enjoy!   Here is a brief intro to wet your appetite: Cognition is in virtually everything that humans do, such as language understanding, perception, judgment, motor skills, learning, spatial processing and social behavior. Increasingly,...

Create a REST API with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Creating a REST API with Node.js is simple, fast, and efficient. Node.js is lightweight, non-blocking, and perfect for data intensive applications. Node.js, although young, has a strong community backing. The Node.js community provides a vast array of modules that can be leveraged to simplify the implementation process. Node.js also has support for many widely used offerings. In this post, we will use MongoDB with Node.js. We will also use two...


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