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How to programmatically set Java Logging defaults and override these defaults using logging.properties

The Java Logging APIs provide a number of properties for create and configuring  Java loggers.  If you plan to create a new Java Logger for your project, it may be very desirable to define a default configuration you logger and handlers. It is also desirable to enable users to override these defaults using the JVM logging.properties file. Why is this desirable? The JVM logging.properties ships with a default configuration. This...

Java Logging using the Java Logging APIs

In this post, we will provide an overview of the Java Logging APIs along with some simple usage examples. On tap: 1. Java Logging APIs Overview     1.1. Log Levels     1.2. Loggers     1.3. Handlers     1.4. Formatters     1.5. Filters 2. The Configuration File     2.1. Default Configuration 1 Java Logging APIs Overview The Java Development Kit (JDK) provides a simple logging...


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